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Building Links To Deep Pages In 5 Steps

Before we go into exactly how we can build authority to deep pages, it is first important to understand why we should be looking to increase the link profile of deeper pages as well as our homepage.

There are a few reasons it is important.

1 – Any link juice flowing to deep pages will eventually flow back to your homepage if your site is structured correctly.

2 – It is important to build domain trust and authority. If Google sees all your links pointing to your homepage and your deep pages have none, surely it is only natural to presume those pages are worthless?

3 – If your deep pages are not popular enough Google is less likely to index them, I’m not saying Google won’t index them but is less likely. Therefore you are missing out on targeting additional traffic.

So it is important to have a popular domain profile but how do we build links to these deep pages of our site and raise their popularity?? I would recommend considering some if not all of these 5 steps.

Content Optimisation

search engine optimisation
One of the first things to do before creating any page is to research and find out what keyword/s you are going to optimise it for, then complete the on page optimisation process. I’m not going to go through them in any detail here, however make sure your:-

  • Title Tag
  • H1
  • H2
  • Alt attributes
  • Body Content

……are all optimised appropriately. If you want to read more about on page optimisation check out “html areas that matter“.

Ensuring your page is optimised correctly will help you to rank for your chosen keywords, which in turn will drive traffic to your page, this traffic may link back if it is quality content. It is not the most effective way to build deep page popularity but it is too easy not to implement.

Link Baiting

Link Baiting

This is a topic which could be discussed in an individual post but I will attempt to cover the basics here.

Link baiting has been around a long time, I remeber it been discussed in great detail back in 2005 and it is essentially writing content which you think will gain popularity fast and be something a lot of people will want to link back to.

It is essentially link building with a twist, instead of hunting down the links you are writing content that you know will naturally bring links in, with the added benefit of booming social media this is now even easier.

Let me just run through a few basic ways to link bait.

The News Hook

This does not simply mean writing regurgitative information, it means taking industry news and adding your own view points and ideas. You could catch the latest scoop if you had the resources or prove an already written article wrong. It could be research you have done into a particular field which no one has done before, anything that is different to just re writing what you read, use your imagination :).

Contrary Hook

Find a leading expert in your area or an authoritative website and speak out against thier view or theory. Don’t just disagree, disagree based on evidence and personal research, if your just simply being contentious you will attract the wrong kind of attention and lose credibility.

Attack Hook

This is taking the above contrary hook a step further by making your article personal. (This technique is not for everyone and you should be careful how you use it). If your going to make it personal you need to be 100% sure of your facts and be aware that it may attract attention but many surfers look down on this tactic.

Resource Hook

This is the most popular type of link bait, ‘how to lists’, taking an industry technique and breaking it down for people in easy to follow chunks. (like this article :) ). It needs to provide real value to the reader, something they can use and refer back to often. Many bloggers base all their posts on resource hooks.

….So I think your getting the idea about link baiting but just writing the content is the start. Use social sites such as stumbleupon, sphinn, digg, and of course twitter to get your message out there. This, if implemented correctly will drive traffic to your site and create an abundance of social links, a very powerful tactic.

Blog Carnivals

blog carnivals
Now in my experience blog carnivals attract very little traffic, however I guess it will depend on your industry, as to how much traffic you get.

On the other hand I have found them to be very useful at provding you with perfect one way backlinks to deep pages. Simply head over to blog carnival and submit your best articles. Remember to use your keywords for your article and website titles/names. If your site does not have a blog then guess what?? Your lagging behind your competition, best get writing :).

I have many pages with PR2 and PR3 simply from the effects of carnival submissions.

Article Marketing

article marketing
Despite what you might hear on so called authority sites, article marketing is still an effective tool to create one way relevant backlinks to your site. After you have written a great piece of content, do a summary of it in article form. Obviously steer clear of duplicating it but after you have your summary, 400+ words, submit it to 3 or 4 of your favourite directories. This will enable you to build one way, relevant, anchored backlinks to your deep pages, seriously increasing the chances of them being indexed.

Article Base
Go Articles

These are just a few of my favourites.

Google FREINDLY Sculpting

pagerank sculpting

I am not going to go into Google (nofollow) pagerank sculpting because of the recent big whoo haa! Matt Cutts caused. (Great article about this topic at onecoolsite)

No let’s instead talk about friendly sculpting and all this basically means is creating a link to your best content from your homepage. Your homepage will naturally receive most of your links, therefore any page linked to from it will receive a greater amount of PageRank. This is how Matt Cutts (Google) would prefer us to sculpt our PageRank and assign importance to pages.

Why will having a higher PageRank increase deep page link popularity??

– It should increase organic traffic and traffic coming to it from your homepage

– More traffic = More opportunity for people to read your great content and link back.

OK, quite a long one today but increasing the link profile to all your pages will increase your domain authority as a whole and result in all round better rankings.

See you next time.


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