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Bing SEO – How Does it Differ To Google?

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Well I am sure we’re all just about sick and tired of hearing about Bing? Have we all given it a whirl already? :)

Despite the widespread attention I thought I would do a post on it anyway but as always from a 100% SEO point of view. What I really want to do with this post is look at what makes a site rank No.1 on Bing in comparison to Google? What SEO techniques are going to get you exposure on Bing that won’t necessarily do the same for you on Google.

In true SEO Wizz style I picked a keyword and took a look at the top ranking sites on Bing and Google.

“seo services” was the keyword, I figured we may as well keep it relevant plus this is a highly competitive keyword, with a top ppc price of ¬£3.77, not overly high but competitive enough for our purposes.

Ok, we put together the following figues, take a look over them we’ll try to explore them a little.

The two sites I looked at are as follows:-

Whitehatmedia – ranked 1 on Bing


Smart Traffic – ranked 1 on google

bing seo

Right let’s break this down a little.

On Page Factors

The Google site is slightly better optimised on page but in my opinion the differences are not enough to suggest anything major. Maybe Google takes into accounut on page optimisation more than the new bing search engine.

Every time I do these comparisons the top Google sites always seem to implement the meta keywords, yet they don’t use them to determine rankings anymore, right? I’d keep using them anyway, what’s the harm.

Off Page Factors

This is where we see clear differences between the 2 sites.

The Google No.1 has a massive link popularity and a better link diversity. The Google site even enjoys a more focused anchor distribution.

It’s nice to see the younger domain doing better on Google, half the age of the site on Bing :)

Linking Pages

The pages that link to a site have always played a major role when ranking for keywords. On Google the idea is that you should acquire links from pages that are as relevant as possible.

This part of the table shows that the Google site has a higher percentage of links from pages with the keyword in the body, however the bing site has more links from pages with the keyword in the title tag. Is this the key to better Bing rankings?? Could be.

Looking down the table it is quite clear to see what Google focuses on and why sites rank higher on Google. Link popularity, diversity, anchor distribution. On the other hand it is quite interesting to note that the site with the higher PageRank does better on Bing.

So top tips from SEO Wizz…..

If you want to rank higher on Bing:-

  • Make your domain age increase :)
  • Try to acquire links from pages with your keywords in the title tag

To be fair both of these tips would help your Google campaign but it seems that more emphasis is put on these factors by Bing.

Another thing I noticed was that both sites have implemented heavy article marketing, so keep writing and distributing that keyword focused content, it works.

More research needed for it to be conclusive.



Read codesuckers SEO blog for more info on Bing SEO.

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