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The Thesis Update

Wow what a week. Most of my regular readers will know that I have recently transfered my blog onto the new Thesis theme and dabbled with the general layout of my site.

Thanks to all my readers for your patience whilst I have been undergoing this change. I have transfered my feed so everyone should still be getting my updates. If anyone has any problems please let me know.

This week has consisted of me and 2 members of my SEO team stuck deep in code as the switch caused more problems than I though and I want to highlight a few things if anybody out there is considering the switch from blogger to wordpress or any other platform.


From an SEO point of view one of my first challenges was making sure my page urls (permalinks) were identical to blogger.  I thought I had this one covered by using wordpress settings to customise my new permalinks to enable them to match blogger.

When I made the switch I suddenly realised that Blogger shortens some of the permalinks and wordpress generates ‘full text permalinks’.

for example…..

If I had the page title “Applying Google SEO to my blogger blog”

Blogger may shorten the url to –

WordPress generates –

Ok so what is the problem ?….

Well the last thing I wanted to happen was for Google to index my new permalink whilst it still had my old one in the index. Two url’s with identical content? I smell a google penalty.

Anyway when I made the switch I realised and had to make my way through all my indexed pages to ensure they were correct, this resulted in me having to manually edit 50 pages.

There is another reason why the url’s had to be identical to the old blogger ones. Some of my pages had thousands of links pointing to them, a lot of my subpages are PageRank 3 and 4 and if I had not corrected the url’s all those links would be pointing at pages that did not exist. Damn!! Lost PR from deep pages!

Well, it’s all sorted now but something you should look out for if your thinking about making the switch.

The Feed

I was desperate not to cause my readers any issues. So I used the Feedburner Plugin to redirect my wordpress themes to feed burner, I then amended the original feed url on my feedburner account.

So all my readers should now be receiving my new feed. (Any problems let me know)


I am not going to say too much on this rather I will refer you to two great sources.

Thesis Hacker – This is an excellent site full of helpful tips and tricks to help you give your template a personal touch.

Openhook Plugin – Again this a great wordpress plugin to help you manage content in the different area’s of your blog. If you hate coding this is a must, dead simple.

So Why The Change?

I went into this slightly before the switch.

There were two reasons for the switch really.

1 – I needed a more professional template.

2 – I couldn’t resist the SEO compatability of Thesis

Pro Template

By this I really mean a more flexible template, a template that allows you to have static pages and show different widgets on different pages. I needed more design flexibility.

This site is a blog but at the same time I offer a professional service, I need to weigh the needs of my readers with the needs of paying clients. For me this template allows me to do that perfectly.

SEO Compatability

OK, where do I start with this.

- You can add individual meta keywords/descriptions to each page/post of your site, it’s simple and helps make each of your pages more focused.

- You can add custom title tags to your pages/posts. With blogger you can implement code to make your post title your title tag, but with thesis you can completely customise them :)

- On top of this all your design codes are kept in a seperate file making each of your pages content rich, drastically improving your code to content ratio.

From an SEO perspective it basically allows you to do everything you need in a simple way.

Well I have a few more features to complete but the site is just about finished. If any of you are considering the switch I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

It will be business as usual very soon :)



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Kai Lo June 1, 2009 at 8:20 pm


I’m glad you transferred over alive! The template is very professional looking. It might be a lot of trouble with the permalinks right now, but in the long run, this full permalink is better!

Although you lost PR, you have to realize that you made the decision early instead of later in the years.


Tim June 2, 2009 at 3:30 am

Hi Kai,

I sorted the permalinks, I think…..

It wasn’t so much that I lost PR but if the many links pointing to my deep posts are poiinting to the wrong URL’s then my site will lose some general PR. However I still don’t understand how my Home Page is a PR 3 yet I have 4 PR4 deep pages, must have clocked up thousands of social links.


Kai Lo June 3, 2009 at 11:29 am

Yea haha a lot of people are shocked to see that some of their posts have higher PR than the homepage. Keep up the good work man.


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