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What Is The Future Of SEO?

Doing my general read around this morning has really provoked a lot of thought. We have all probably heard of the “the way” the search engines are heading, in particularly Google. What with personalised search, branding, and suggestions of analytical point scoring, there is no end of uncertainty in the industry.

There are aspects that I agree with and there are those I do not, at the end of the day Google are trying to clean up their search results, they are attempting to improve quality and show what people want to see at the top of the results page. It is easy to see how Google could be changing SEO into some kind of popularity contest. (Aaron Wall, published a great post on this at seobook)

But how does Google judge who is popular and who is not, do they look at media mentions, link diversity, press releases, articles, social sites and guest posts?? If they do it all relates to links, Google can only tell how popular you are through your links.

How many different domains link back and how many links do you have. Link popularity and link diversity. Is this really a change? Have we not always looked to build quality, optimised oneway links from a vast range of domains?

Aaron talks about:

– quality content
– brand building
– becoming an authority
– creating a network

When we think about these aspects we have to consider, how is Google going to be able to figure out that we have done this? Do you think they will monitor social networks personally? Or is it more likely that judgements will be made based on where your links are coming from?

Aaron goes on to say that “Google would look incompetent” if they did not rank “BMW” for the search term “BMW”. This is true and Matt Cutts has talked before about certain brand searches being given special preferences.

When it all comes down to it though, the way you are going to perform SEO for Google is only really changing in relation to social media, or how well you get your service, skills, expertise or views out there. Who follows you and how well you are known within the industry.

So for me personally I should be attempting to make my name Tim Grice, synonymous with SEO. If I do this people will naturally look to see my name associated with SEO in the Google search results.

All this still needs to be done with optimisation in mind. When we talk about optimising links and titles and headings I get the feeling that a lot of people see it as manipulation, but what is wrong with utilising an online marketing strategy. As long as you are providing a quality service or product, does it really matter?

OK I’ve rambled for a little bit, now let me get to the bones of what I want to say.

– I agree Google is trying to increase the quality of there results
– I agree that certain brands are getting an additional lift for certain keywords
– I agree that social media is playing a larger role in SEO

But I don’t agree with the theory that this is something a genuine SEO needs to worry about. In fact I believe that most quality SEO consultants and firms (most) are already taking this into account in their SEO campaigns.

I use all of the above mentioned mediums for my clients in the off page optimisation side of things.

The only people this shift will effect is those who planned to manipulate the search results right from the start of their campaign. Those who simply care about getting thousands of links from anywhere, instead of a few links from the right (relevant places).

I guess I am just sick of hearing about Google changes. If you want to know how to rank high in Google, simply look at the sites that are there. Have they created a brand? Where do their links come from? How are their on and off page elements optimised?

This for me is your best guide to success with google and seo in general

Want to succeed in Google? Do what those at the top are doing. It will take time and patience in a competitive niche, but remember they didn’t get there over night either.

Sorry if this has been a bit of a rant, but let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear different opinions on this.



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