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Want To Enhance Off Page Optimisation? Then Start Thinking On Page Optimisation

I know this title is a little abstract so let me try and explain where I am going with this. I watched the Matt Cutts video below which was relating to a question regarding social media links and was enquiring whether or not relevancy factors had changed over the last 6 months in the Google algorithm.


As you can see from the video Matt denies any changes have gone forward with the view to effecting social media links, once again Matt states that Google tries not to distinguish links in this way, rather they distinguish links based on usefulness, which has always been what we look at from a search engine optimisation point of view.

This got me thinking we all know what creates a good link and I am not going to go over everything again;

– Relevant
– Anchored
– Page Rank
– Unique

We all know them right.

However I got thinking to myself (and this post is based solely on opinion), how would Google know whether a link is useful or not? Just pause think about it for a second……..

A link on a “dog training” page, going to a “make money” page is not going to be useful, regardless of pagerank, anchor text or anything. Why would someone looking at a dog training site naturally move on to learning how to make money online?? It just doesn’t fit does it.

So when we’re looking for links we really should be looking for pages that are highly optimised for our keywords, not spam pages or pages with low quality info, but pages that are naturally targeted towards our pages.

So if I was looking for a link that I wanted anchored with the key phrase “SEO” I would look for a page that had the keyword “SEO” in the;

Title Tag
– Meta Tags
– Headings
– Content
– Images
– Outbound Links

If I can get links with total relevancy that would automatically equal total usefulness. The only way Google’s software can judge usefulness is by on page factors. So assessing on page optimisation is the way to assessing our link quality.

This kind of a short post that got me thinking, relevancy has always been a big factor in getting links but I personally feel it is more important than PageRank or even, dare I say it, anchor text.

I will be testing this and getting back to you if I find anything significant.



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