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Google Anchor Power – Warning! This Goes Against Fundamental SEO Principles

I don’t know if anyone remembers but a few months ago I wrote about an SEO Company National Positions. The post was building on an article by Rand at SEOmoz.

The article slammed National Positions for using “manipulative” SEO techniques in order to rank high for the keyword “seo company”. (By the way companies using Adwords pay up to $7.00 a click, for this keyword). The techniques were not spam but what you might refer to as “low quality” SEO, however it worked, they ranked number 1 in the US and were probably getting 100’s of SEO enquiries everyday.

Rand outed National Positions in October last year, so by now you would have thought Google would be on top of it and naturally relegate Nationaal positions down the SERPS? Right?

By the way just to confirm, National Positions were;

  • Anchoring a lot of there links with “SEO company”
  • Getting the links from low quality directories

I know what your thinking, nothing wrong with this right? urrmm,,,right :)

There is nothing wrong with using anchor text and there is nothing wrong with using low quality directories. Rand’s issue was; it was ranking in a competitive niche using these low quality links and that Google should be exercising more quality control.

Anyway I wonder where NP are today??? Quick search…….

Hello! Yes they are sitting in the third spot (they still could be number 1, the fact that they are in third on my browser could be down to geo-targeting) Either way the top 3 take the bulk of the traffic.

So why haven’t Google reduced their ranking? Because they have a load of directory links that come from pages with no PR? Why are they still sitting in the top spot?

Before you try and answer that let’s go over the figures (I know boring but it will help us answer the question) WARNING PREPARE TO BE SHOCKED

  • Average PR of inbound link = 0.3
  • Keyword in Title of linking page = 0.6%
  • Keyword in Body of linking page = 96.5%

So 98% of the links are from PR0 pages, 1 of the linking pages has the keyword in the title tag, however 96.5% of the linking pages have the keyword in the Body.

But wait more shock……

  • On Page Keyword Density = 0.3%
  • No Use of Headings

So it’s not looking good on page either, the keyword is hardly used on the page. No headings and a poorly optimised title tag. How the hell are these guys ranking so high????

It’s simple and I have banged on about it enough on this site, this example merely proves the point that when it comes to Google SEO, Anchor Text Rules.

The Keyword “Company” is used in 53.7% of the links and the keyword “SEO” in 48% of the links

It is ranking purely based on the huge amounts of optimised anchor text.

Why I don’t think this is the way to optimise

OK I have just shown you an example of a company that ranks highly and is probably making a fortune in SEO sales. Now I am going to tell you not to follow that blueprint, don’t get me wrong understand the principles but don’t;

  • Only get links from low PR sites
  • Anchor all your link text with the same word
  • Ignore on page optimisation

Even though NP are still sitting at the top it would be easy for Google to tweak the algorithm to send them flying down the rankings. For example more weight on – on page factors, discounting directories or flagging up disproportionate anchor text.

However despite all this still understand the principles;

- Do anchor your text, use multiple variations that include your main keywords.
- Do optimise your pages correctly
- Do get links from directories but also, articles, guest blogging, press releases and just creating great content.

If you try to implement the full range of Google SEO techniques you are preserving the future of your site and protecting it against any algorithm changes.

Hope you enjoyed the post guys. I think this is something that needs to get out there so people fully understand there is no magic involved in SEO, it’s plain and simple research and effective implementation.



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