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Title Tags – Proving Their Importance

If you caught my post yesterday you will have read the explanation for the change in my title tag for my home page. You see you can read all you want about SEO and how to implement it,  but until you see it played out in front of your eyes it all remains a little mystical.

If you missed my post yesterday you can catch it again here – Google SEO Consultant

As way of summary the post explained that I was going to target the keyword “google seo consultant” by changing my title tag to make it more prominent.

Title Tag Before = SEO – Search engine optimisation (Optimization) | SEO Consultant Tips – UK

Title Tag After = Google SEO Consultant | Search Engine Optimisation – (SEO) – UK

With the old title tag I sat on the second page of Google about halfway down for the term “google seo consultant”. I knew that if I made the keyword more prominant I could increase my rank for this semi competitive keyword. (For proof of my old position see previous post)

Literally a couple of hours later after Google had updated my sites description my site had moved up in the rankings – See Below.

As you can see in a matter of hours my site had jumped from the second page onto the first page and in 5th position, this was simply due to the change in my title tag…
OK so why is this important?
Well no matter what kind of webmaster you are you should be making use of a blog to target visitors and promote your products/services/content. A blog allows you to create as many pages as you want all can be targeted to different keywords and variations. By using a different title tag on each page of your blog pages you can target hundreds of keywords, this will result in driving tons of organic traffic to your site.
Type in your main keywords into the Google keyword Tool and see how many different variations there are, look at some of the less competitive keywords and phrases, you could target your blog page to one of those keywords and see your page rise through the serps very quick.
My above example is a great one, the keyword “google seo consultant” has around 170 exact searchs in the UK a month. Thats 1 page sitting at the top of Google for a keyword that could pull in 50 – 100 visitors per month.
Now I know what your thinking, thats not a lot of visitors. True, but imagine if you had 50 or 100 of your blog pages all targeted towards low competition keywords, you could create thousands of visitors to your blog on a monthly basis.
There is only one catch with this and it applies to new bloggers, your going to have to let your blog build up some authority before this method will work effectively, however it has taken me 3 months to build up enough authority to be able to rank for the above, 3 months isn’t a long time. I am now getting well over 1000 visitors a month from search engines and that is growing week by week using this method along with effective link building.
Use this method effectively and implement unique title tags and you will see a dramatic increase in the success of your site and in your traffic.
Hope this has given you some food for thought.
Until next time,
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