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Query Deserves Freshness – What is it? How do we use it?

Query Deserves Freshness or QDF is an aspect of Google’s algorithm that helps establish the “hot topics” around the web. Rand over at SEOmoz gave a great explanation of this aspect which basically relates to how Google ranks sites, that make reference to certain hot topics. Check out the below video:-

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Query Deserves Freshness from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo

The above video is concerned with how to use QDF to dominate a product launch or service launch which is great, but how can we use for everyday SEO??

So Google works out what is hot by recognising increases in mentions (ie on blogs forums and other sites with fresh content) and searchers. Content on these topics is ranked differently to the usual run of the mill results for a few reasons.

  • The rankings are updated with the most recent news
  • pages with little or even no links can be ranked

Now from an SEO point of view we should see a little window of opportunity here to drive some free traffic to our sites by optimising for these hot results.

A good way to find out what is in demand is by visiting Google Trends:-

If you click on the image you will be able to see some of the hot topics of today or what keywords are hot:-
  • eric carle s the very hungry catepillar
  • sarah gronert
  • first day of spring etc……

These are hot new searches that are getting a lot of attention and no doubt the serps for these keywords will be changing erratically.

Remember even a page with no links or relevant links can have a chance if it is optimised correctly.

Now we obviously can’t just go stuffing our content with irrelevant news as that does absolutely nothing for our readers and the searchers we might get will not be relevant to our content in anyway shape or form. However if we stay on top of the news in our industry and target keywords accordingly we can find ourselves ranking pretty high in the serps even with little link authority.

Let me leave you with a little example of how this would work.

A few weeks ago I posted about the Google Brand Update , now I knew this was a hot topic in the SEO industry so I optimised my title tag on that page and also added the keyword to my h2, as well as adding it in the content naturally.

That same day my page was crawled and ranked below:-

Yes that is me sitting in 6th position, a page with no inbound external links, simply optimised for a hot topic and to my knowledge it still sits there :)
Now don’t get me wrong the traffic from it has been a trickle this week but when I first posted it, it was getting 30 – 40 hits a day!! That’s instant search engine traffic by working smart.
Anyone can do this and all you need to understand is:-
  • Keep up to date with current news/launches/events in your niche
  • write a post
  • implement on page SEO

There you have it anyone can do it.

Hope you can all implement this, as always send me any questions.


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