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No Follow – Whats The Big Deal?

If your a regular reader of SEO news you will have no doubt come across the video by Matt Cutts answering questions about “no follows” mainly in relation to Wikipedia. The bones of the questions were can these no follow links be beneficial to a site?

All of sudden everyone starts wondering if they should head over to wikipedia and start editing. Does anyone listen to what Matt says?? Let me just give you a little example of some of the things that have been wrote (I’ll make no mention of the sites as I think I have done that enough in the last couple of days :)

“There are lot of factors that help determine whether a site or person linking using the nofollow tag (From Wikipedia or otherwise) carries “trust” or not. If they are trusted sources, then the nofollow tag could be ignored.”

On it’s own this is a misleading statement suggesting that if your site is trusted and known through out your niche the no follow tag could be ignored. This is partially true but does not give you enough detail. It can only be chosen to be ignored by the webmaster concerned by removing the nofollow. If the nofollow tag is there will NOT follow and it will have NO bearings on rankings.

This is just an example of how the truth can be stretched or misinterpreted.

The only way you will get any flow of PageRank from a site like Wikipedia is if Wikipedia see you as a trusted editor and decided to remove the no follow from your link. There is NO evidence to suggest Wiki or any other similar site is moving in this direction.

Put simply all Matt states in answering the questions is that:-

A) No follows are in the minority on the Web
B) Links from Wiki or any No Follow makes no difference to PageRank
C) Only benefits that can be gained from Wiki links is possible traffic and links that might come from visitors coming through to your site.
D) Don’t go spamming Wikipedia

Check the video out and let me know what you think : )


There has been a significant jump in SEO Wizz readers this week, so hello to you uall and hope you enjoy reading : )


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