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Google Brand Update – This Is The Last Time

OK so this is most definitely the last time I am going to write about the Google (so called) Brand update or as Matt Cutts is referring to it Vinces change, Vinces update, whatever. When Aaron at SEObook wrote his article on the update I published the following post Google Brand Update.

I basically explained that I thought the change/update panic was uncalled for and a little dramatic, I explained what I thought would be the main SEO aspects to focus on in 2009. OK now check out the following video Matt Cutts posted on the topic of a Brand Update, then I’ll continue.


Right let’s skim over a few things from the video;

A) There was a change (no surprise)
B) Will only effect limited keywords (again no surprise here)

How will Google Rank sites in 2009?

A) Trust
B) Authority
C) Reputation
D) PageRank

Again nothing new here, so was there really a brand update? Matt Cutts denies it and refers to a change to help searchers find exactly what their looking for?? He gives a simple example of searching for the word eclipse, if the current algorithm tweak was aimed at brands this should bring up mitsubishi right? Nope top 2 results are and, there are some brands further down the serps, such as eclipse holidays, eclipse computers etc… But are these not relevant results??

OK, lets not take Matt’s word for it let’s look into this a little further in a simple way. We’ll try sneakers and let’s search the term “air” this should return a Nike shoe ye?? Nope again a lot of Wiki type content and science type articles. No sign of Nike on the first page. Ryanair the air travel firm comes close to the bottom but that is about it. Try it.

Right one last random check, let’s try the car thing again, let’s type in cougar as in the new ford cougar, surely this should get first page at least, especially with it being a knew, relevant model?? Guess what??

Nope, again a lot of informative articles and nature type clips, Ford simply do not get a look in.

I don’t know about you but this does not sound like a BRAND focused algorithm to me, I know the research is hardly conclusive but I think it clearly highlights that brands are not the be all and end all.

I am sure this will be disputed and I may receive emails or comments explaining some of the complex aspects of the change but quite frankly I’m sick of all the moaning.

I do not think anything has changed;

How do you establish authority, reputation, trust?

Write quality, informative content that people want to link to.

How do I get good PageRank?

Keep doing the above.

I know it is not quite as easy as that but in essence not much has changed (in my opinion) Google will put your page at the top of the SERPS if it is a page filled with quality that people have wanted to link to. :)

That is my last Brand out burst, at least I think. So if you have been worried or disheartened by the Brand evidence, my advice would be don’t let it effect what your already doing.

I may not be able to post for a few days, busy week ahead….

Until then, c ya.


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