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Why Page Rank Means Nothing

OK maybe the title is baiting slightly but I am here to tell you today that Google PageRank is not the determining factor as to you ranking for targeted keywords. PageRank does play a role but I personally feel it holds less weight than another factor which is keyword theme, or as I like to call it the “line of relevance”, I have used this SEO Blog to discuss this factor many times.

Right time for me to back up my PageRank claims and show you this is not simply something I have plucked out of thin air.

First of all let’s start with a example and one from my own niche;

Search “seo consultant” on and you will get the following site listed at number 1:-

Ben is a well known SEO in the UK and ranks at this position with a PageRank 3 and the domain maturity is slightly over 3 years. OK I take it the sites below must simply have a lower PR right??

Well here are some sites below:- (another well known SEO) and

As you can see both sites are highly optimised for the keyword “seo consultant” with the latter even including it in the URL. The big surprise however is that they are both PageRank 4….. Why are they not ranking above Ben??? Before I answer that let me show you another radical example from this time.

Type into the search “make money” before anything else notice the 212,000,000 competition, WOW the sites at the top of this niche must have a PR 7 or 8 surely???? Well let’s take a look at this;

No.1 Alan Liew’s PR 3 and a blogspot blog (Blogspot blogs all ways do well in SEO terms)

No.2 Grizzly’s PR 0!!!!! and another blogspot blog????

Are you starting to get my point, just to show further proof take a look at this site sitting in No.5 for “Make Money” again a highly optimised site for this keyword and guess what it’s a PR5, thats right a PR5.

Why is it not stomping all over these blogspot blogs and taking all that highly profitable traffic??

Well this is something that if you didn’t know about, may come as a shock and that is “PageRank does not determine keyword rankings or has very little weight.”

I also wanted to add that the 2 “make money” sites use techniques that I don’t exactly agree with, there not black-hat but very grey and I have a feeling Google may start clamping down. I would tell you what the techniques are but do not want law suits.

The Line of Relevance

The “line of relevance” is a little creation of my own but I am sure if you know anything about SEO it will ring a lot of bells as I explain it. This is how you really rank for keywords, this is how you dominate competitive niches.

Right, as we all know Google is all about relevance, on page – off page relevance. So what is the line of relevance.

Lets just take a look at how Google crawls a page first;

Off page link text -> Title text -> Meta text -> Heading Text ->

IMG/Body Text -> Outbound Link text

For the sake of keeping this simple let’s say we are optimising for the keyword phrase “how to ride a bike”

Off page Link text = “how to ride a bike”

Title text = “Learn How To Ride A Bike Today”

Meta Text = “how to ride a bike, learn how to ride a bike, bike riding tutorials, biking lessons”

Heading Text = “How to ride a bike”

IMG/Body = “bike riding, learn to ride, how to ride a bike, bike riding tutorials, biking lessons”

Outbound Text = “biking, bike riding, riding bikes, how to ride a bike”

This is a very simple example of the “line of relevance” all the above areas need to be optimised towards 1 – 2 keywords and all should overlap in terms of relevance.

However this is not the end of it as millions of sites could simply duplicate each other, so what is the secret to getting to the top…… Well in all honesty it’s hard work and patience. You need to build as many anchored links as possible and your domain age will play a significant role as well.

(Note: Don’t use the same keyword eg.”SEO Tips” over and over again in your anchor text, use variations “search engine optimisation tips” “SEO Advice” “SEO lessons” “Search Marketing Tips”……. Thinks of different variation of your keywords!”

Anchored text is the main way of ranking high for any given keyword and keeping your “line of relevance as focused as possible”.

I hope all fully understand this and if not simply get in touch via email or comments.

Catch ya later


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Author: Tim (257 Articles)

is the owner and editor of SEO wizz and has been involved in the search engine marketing industry for over 9 years. He has worked with multiple businesses across many verticals, creating and implementing search marketing strategies for companies in the UK, US and across Europe. Tim is also the Director of Search at Branded3, a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency based in the UK.



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