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SEO consultant leeds” are you wondering why I am targeting this keyword. If you are a regular reader you will remember my post a couple of days ago about the effectiveness of outbound links. Well this is the phrase I am going to target. “Seo consultant leeds” is a pretty low competition keyword however in the UK there are in excess of 30 companies heavily targeting it.

This post will be set using very basic on page optimisation tactics and will have the targeted keyword anchored to Wikipedia’s search engine optimisation page with an outbound link. I have also used an outbound link to a local SEO school again anchored with the keyword “seo consultant leeds“. I am hoping this will add to the geopraphical aspects of on page SEO.

I am hoping to be able to analyse what effect if any, the use of anchored outbound links has on the ranking of a page. Apart from the on page optimisation this page has no inbound links and has no PageRank, so it will be interesting to see if I can beat local competitors for this keyword simply by using outbound links and a little on page optimisation.

I hope to be able to give some results on this test within 2 – 4 weeks as my pages are crawled daily. Hopefully I will be sat on the first page for (seo consultant leeds) and prove that having a few authoritative outbound links can seriously help your keyword rankings.

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A short one today but it is a subject that has sparked some serious interest.



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Matt Langley March 25, 2010 at 9:51 pm

It works! ;)

Position 5 on “SEO consultant Leeds” today (admittedly a year later but SEO takes time).

I’m hoping it works with lots of low to moderate rank relevant pages too, but that’s another experiment (I’m a bit worried about link farm penalties).


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