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Outbound Links Debate

Just a quick one today everybody. You may or may not remember about a month ago I posted about outbound links and their effectiveness in terms of SEO.

The whole argument stemmed from a consultation I had with a client who was ranking highly for a keyword he wasn’t even targeting, however he did have the keyword in his external linking text.

Anyway cut to the chase, I posted an article about it at SEOmoz a week ago, it was finally published and I thought my readers might like to take a look at it. I know I have a lot of readers who have joined over the passed week so it will give you a chance to catch a post that got a lot of interest.

You will find my article at

The post has 24 comments all highlighting some excellent moot points on the subject of outbound links and gives a few insights.

It also has 10 thumbs up :) , I am kind of hoping it makes it onto the SEOMoz main page :)

Anyway I am sure you will find this very helpful, sorry about the short post but I am working on a massive research post that I am sure everyone who reads this will get something out of. It may even shock some of you guys.

Ok catch you later


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