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Is SEO A Dieing Art?

There has been a lot of talk recently in the SEO world about Google’s new personalised search and how it will affect the industry. For those of you who are not familiar with or have not heard of Google’s new approach it is basically Google’s modern method of ranking sites. Your search results in Google will be personalised to your prior search history by using things such as third party cookies..etc

So where does it leave SEO’s? Well what it basically means is that were going to have to work a little harder or should I say a lot harder. I have been barking on for a while now about the irrelevance of checking Google rankings and this is due to the inconsistency in results. You see if I type in “seo company” here in the UK in Leeds, I am going to receive a different result to the person making the same search in London.

The list of pages the serps pulls up has many different variables, geographical, time zones, word recognition and now personalised search.

As SEO’s what do we do now? Where do we go from here? What do we measure our success against?

We all need to really start focusing on our traffic or our clients traffic, where is it coming from? Which page did the visitor land at? How long did they stay? Did they bounce? What time of the day did I receive them? Did they convert?

These are all things as SEO’s we now need to be giving a lot more attention to. I am under the firm opinion that my role as a consultant is not just to provide higher rankings (if at all) but it is to get the right kind of traffic to my clients sites. A new importance will be placed on keyword variations, Google has had the technology for a long time to be able to recognise what phrases mean (ie reseach phrase or shopping phrase). As SEO’s where going to need to know which phrases are going to be best for our clients.

Another aspect of this debate was mentioned on webpronews, discussing the fact that Google may be able to assess the interactivity of a web page. It will be able to mark video use and images to decide how interactive a page is and therefore crediting it accordingly. As SEO’s one of our many tasks is to help structure a site, we need to start looking and focusing on creating a quality experince for the user.

You may have heard talk recently about creating a POD or a point of difference. You need to be able to make your site different and stand out from the crowd.

When we look as this from a search marketers point of you can easily become disgruntled, however if you look at this from a searchers point of view you can see the very real benefits it provides. Remember Google’s POD (point of difference) is to enhance the user’s search experience, this is why Google has 65% market share. Maybe we need to look to do more of this for our clients, in fact I believe it is a must.

Just finish off with I would like to make it clear that I am in no way saying we need to completely forget about the SEO basics and the fundamental elements of site structuring, all I am saying is, that alone is no longer enough.

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