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UK Seo Services – The Different Types You Should Know About

As I was doing my daily reading of the latest uk seo services, I noticed that a lot of the traditional seo services are merging with other internet professions. Technically an seo consultant offers services related to the on page factors of a web site, however the role seems to have widened to include search marketing responsibilities and internet marketing skills.

I wanted to use this post to highlight the differences in these roles and how each one can help you rank higher and make your business more profitable.

SEO Services

Traditional seo services usually include:-

- Ensuring your site is search engine friendly

- Correcting any orphan pages or broken links

- Ensuring css, alt and html tags are set up to provide maximum optimisation

- Keyword research and implementation

- Ensuring content architecture is correctly ordered and keyword density is natural

These are all on page seo services and an seo consultant would traditionally carry out all of the above in an attempt to have your site rank higher and therefore receive more traffic. The problem is this is only part of reaching the top of Google’s rankings.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is slightly different and deals with aspects concerning link building by means of:-

- Submitting to directories

- Social Book Marking

- Blog and forum participation

- article marketing

- Link baiting

Any site this going to climb to the top of search engine rankings needs an effective link building strategy. All the above are off page factors and are very crucial seo services.

Internet Marketing

Again this role slightly differs from the other 2 as it involves looking at your site from more of a business prospective. It will look at advertising and branding, also maybe a little bit of design or image issues.

Internet marketing would include:-

- Press releases
- PPC Advertising
- Paid Inclusions
- Paid Submissions
- Affiliate programs
- Email Marketing
- Viral Marketing

Again all are a very effective tool for driving traffic to your site and would be a great investment for any business. The problem is all of the above 3 have become merged and people do not understand the difference and then do not understand what they are paying for.

It is OK if you hire someone like myself who specialises in all areas and can deliver all of the above seo services, but I have noticed companies only offering PPC or simple content optimisation but yet claiming to be SEO’s or internet marketing consultants.

There are many UK seo services make sure you are getting the skill set you are paying for.

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