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Small Business SEO – How Does It Differ?

How, if at all, does seo for a small business differ from that of a larger business or a site that is focused on exposure rather than sales. In my mind there are two reasons why search engine optimisation for a small business should be gone about in different ways;

1- A smaller business means a smaller budget. Due to this factor the seo efforts for a small business will have to differ. A small business will not be able to afford to go all out buying every bit of seo assistance around, they may have to start slowly and build up.

eg. I had a client who was interested in the services I could offer and even though he would have loved to have them all he could just not afford it. A plan was agreed that I would monitor and optimise his adwords campaigns and the money from this would be invested in other seo services such as linking and content optimisation.

I think this is a good option for a small business owner short of learning seo themselves and taking an extra 10 hours a week to implement it.

2- Another factor of seo that will differ for small businesses is the geographical location or the potential customers they wish to target. If it is a relatively small area some seo efforts may not be effective as the search traffic may not be adequate. Also different seo techniques are used to index in local rankings than the general page rank. Smaller businesses need more of a personal touch and will benefit greatly from an seo personal consultant.

If you are small business looking for seo services please contact me, to see if I can help increase your profits and online visibility.

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