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Professional Seo Consultant – What You Should Expect

It can be frustrating as a professional seo consultant seeing so much low quality competition out in the market place that cause unsuspecting customers to pour money into the hands of someone who knows very little about search engine optimisation.

You see there are professional seo sites being advertised on Adwords that offer you the cheapest possible service yet guarantee you a place at the top of Google. For me there are only 3 ways they can do this;

1 – Pay for PPC marketing to put your site on top of the serps, but for the amount your paying you won’t be on top 100% of the time.

2 – They are using Black hat techniques to put your site at the top through link spamming and other unethical methods. The problem with this is that Google will catch on and ban your site for life.

3 – They can’t do it and the guarantee is a false promise. You can try and complain but you will never see your money again.

Most of the companies that are offering guaranteed results are based overseas making it more difficult to get your money back, if you see what I’m saying.

You will will know you are getting professional seo when you have full contact details and when you are asked to send for a quote. You see, every single seo or sem campaign will differ therefore one campaign may need more work than the other. Putting a fixed price on everything means your getting 1 option when you company may need several.

Also a professional seo package should involve every single part of seo and sem, from link building and keyword optimisation to PPC advertising and online marketing.

If your simply having someone build links for you, your site will never get to the top of Google.

If your looking for real professional seo work, please contact me today for a quote.

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