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Google Adwords Management – The Basic Pros and Cons

I was participating in a forum recently discussing google adwords management and what is a reasonable fee to pay for a google expert. There were very mixed reactions to the subject, some insisting that you should not pay and learn it yourself, others advocating different methods of payment and structure.

One thing that really winds me up about people saying “don’t pay for google adwords management” or “just learn seo and all that yourself” is that they are looking at it from a webmasters point of view, in that everyone has the time to surf the web consistently and up date there skills. Don’t get me wrong I am all for people learning seo, otherwise why would I put tutorials on my site. The simple truth is a lot of my clients are business owners, working 60 – 70 hour weeks to develop and enhance their businesses. They do not have the time to invest hours in seo, google adwords or any other online marketing expertise.

Do you have a car? Ever thought of learning how to fix it yourself instead of paying a mechanic? Most Seo’s have built their skills up over years and are willing to use there skills to help people for a price just like any other occupation.

So now you know my view’s on paying a search engine marketing consultant, let me talk for a little bit on what to look for in an adwords company.

I have spoken to many people who have been failed by adwords management companies and unfortunately have had to pick up the pieces. Some companies charge per hour others charge based on a percentage of your advertising costs, but let me just fill you in with a few home truths.

- Adwords takes time to optimise and results may take a couple of months. A lot of optimisation and keyword research is to be done and daily monitoring is needed in order to get your clicks as low as possible.

- Never dive into a contract that lasts longer than a month. Some companies tie you in for 3 months and end up running up a huge bill. They do this as they take a percentage of whatever your advertising costs are. I hate this method and have never met a client that has liked it.

- Adwords management is as complex as seo and therefore takes a lot of time, so if you can’t understand why they charge so much it is because they know how to do it right and doing it right takes time.

I personally like to charge a fixed rate depending on the size of the campaign, there will be a one off set up fee and a monthly maintanence fee. Each campaign will differ in price as size really does make a difference in time spent managing. Google adwords management is not straight forward and the job of a consultant, like myself, is made difficult by those who are simply interested in money. However to have a google adwords expert on your side who charges fairly and delivers quality is priceless to your online business.

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