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There are many debates online about what gives someone seo expertise. You see there are no official online seo qualifications and therefore no one who will certify you as seo qualified.

As you will know, if you are a regular visitor, I have been working online now for over five years and my seo expertise comes from my vast experience in the area, trial and error. I have worked hard to learn seo and develop ethical strategies to send sites to the top of the search rankings.

However if you look around at the seo competition it is fierce! Everyone is claiming to have expertise, flashing certificates all over the place. However the certificates you tend to see are images, images that could have been tampered with and possibly made up, none give you a direct link to the certificate.

So in order to showcase my seo expertise I located a training program put together by Web CEO , not only do they offer excellent resources for seo’s but are also willing to certify students who pass there course. So here it is -

Web CEO Certified

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