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Why SEO Agencies Do Great Digital PR

March 17, 2015

There was a time, not too long ago, when SEO performance could be driven by a handful of technical experts and a budget for purchasing links. Over the years this has been killed off and SEO agencies have had to adapt in order to deliver SEO performance. Links have always been a major ranking signal, […]

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Yes SEOwizz still exists

February 20, 2015

I admit, it has been a while, in fact over the course of 2014 I only posted twice on the blog, which is ironic considering I had access to more insight than ever before. The truth is I really struggled to find the time, and SEOwizz has been penalised by Google for the last 3 […]

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The Real Challenge for SEO Agencies

October 6, 2014

With all the turbulence in the SEO industry at the minute it can be easy to assume that the challenges SEO agencies face revolve around building natural links, understanding users, hiring the right people or producing genuinely interesting content. Whilst all of these areas could be a challenge given the new landscape, there is a […]

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Why SEO’s Should Let go of Links

February 25, 2014

Before I even write this post I am imagining the comments that will begin to come through from those that only bothered to read the title, however if you keep reading I can promise you that this is not a “links are dead post” however I maintain that SEO’s should let go of them. We […]

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What Is SEO Going To Bring Us in 2014?

December 28, 2013

Well, this is my first blog post since August, and the first thing I can tell you is that 2014 is going to bring a revival, lots more blogging, tweeting, speaking etc… Things have been extremely busy over the past 12 months at Branded3, we’ve seen massive growth in SEO, Content, Online PR and Creative; […]

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Stop Building PPC Landing Pages and Expecting Them to Rank Organically

August 28, 2013

You may or may not have read my post in April on SEO and Ecommerce websites, it discussed the need for a change in mindset as well as covering some of the basic technical problems ecommerce websites face. This post expands on the change of mindset based on conversations and experiences I have had in […]

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What The Hell Did Penguin Do?

June 4, 2013

So Penguin rolled out 2 weeks ago, I posted some early thoughts over on the Branded3 blog, and since then I have been trying to work out exactly what Penguin actually did, because being 100% honest, there are a lot of sites I expected to get hit that didn’t get touched! What the hell did […]

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